Water Resources & River Development

Border Area Development Programme was introduced in Sikkim from the year 1998-99 to meet the special problems faced by the people living in the border areas. This is a 100% Centrally Funded Area Programme provided as Special Central Assistance based on the length of international border, population of border blocks and area of border blocks.

The Country wise length on international borders of Sikkim area as follows:-

a) Boundary with Bhutan 30.90 km
b) Boundary with Tibet (China) 220.35km
c) Boundary with Nepal 07.80 km
Total length of International Borders 349.05 km

The programme is implemented in Sikkim in 17 Border blocks i.e. 8 blocks on Bhutan border, 4 blocks on China border and 5 blocks on Nepal border. The total population covered in these 17 blocks is 27739 as per 2001 census.

The 17 border blocks with details of district-wise blocks are as follows:-

Sl. No Block East Population as per 2001 Census Distance of the village / habitation from the international border (km) Name of Bordering Country Remarks
1 Dalapchen 2027 11 Bhutan Separated by a small stretch of Forest Area
2 Changeylakha 717 9
3 South Regu 687 7.5
4 North Regu 1148 4.5
5 Prem Lakha 71 4.5
6 Subani Dara 1378 4.5
7 Singaneybas 52 4
8 Phadamchen 1024 4.5
9 Gnathang 6241 6 China
Total 13345
10 Lachen 2923 37 China These are the last habitated areas in North District bordering China. Between these Blocks and the international boundary lies the mountain, desert and snow covered areas. During summer the people of these areas take their cattles for grazing upto the proximity of the border area and return during the winter season.
11 Lachung 2800 12
12 Chungthang 3766 195
Total 9489
13 Maneybong 2710 6 Nepal Separated by a small stretch of forest area.
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