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FLOOD CONTROLFlood control measures are the means for reducing the scope of flooding and decreasing the losses due to flood disasters. They consist of engineering and non-engineering measures. The flood control measures for most rivers and region follows the principles of consideration of flood discharging and storing, both the upper reaches and the lower reaches, and both the adaptation to local conditions and the comprehensive control. Through overall planning of river control, flood control standards are being selected for different river reaches and areas and engineering measures are adopted accordingly. The basic measures of flood control for the mountainous and hilly region like Sikkim is to carry out water and soil conservation work. Since control of landslide, mud-/debris flow, rock slide are difficult special attention should be given to monitoring and prevention work. General geological study should be conducted on the vulnerable areas or river reaches with special geological structures that may have potential of large scale landslide. Monitoring network to have a timely forecast so as to prevent a large scale disaster should be established. One needs to avoid permanent construction work in the landslide prone areas. Open and wide river valleys and basin are the main targets for flood protection where most of the towns are situated. Protection work in the form of river training work needs to be built in order to protect these town areas which are thickly populated. Rational planning of land use should be made for the township areas located along the river banks. In addition to river training works more focus needs to be laid down to tame all the jhoras and channelize the storm water to proper outlets. Besides protection work, slope treatment works and catch water drain to channelize the surface flow for proper drainage needs to taken up in priority to balance the ecology and safeguard the environment.

PRESENT STATUS OF FLOOD CONTROL SCHEMESThe Department has 24 major River Training & Anti-erosion works in hand which have physical progress of about 95% in average and shall be completed within current financial year. The State Technical Advisory Committee has cleared and approved 38 nos. of Anti-Erosion/Flood Management Programme at an estimated cost to Rs. 33631.07 lakhs. Due to change in the guidelines of FMP Scheme, the estimate has been recosted as per SOR 2012 and some of the DPR has been already submitted to Brahmaputra Board for technical vetting. Two number of FMP Scheme which was sanctioned during 2010-11 has been already initiated and is in good progress till date. The name of the schemes are as under :- 1.RTW/AEW along Teesta river and its tributaries amounting to Rs. 1380.65 lakhs. 2. RTW at River Rangit and its tributaries amounting to Rs. 1466.90 lakhs. The schemes �Storm Water Drainage in and around Greenfiled Airport in Pakyong in East Sikkim� sanctioned during 2011-12 has been already initiated and planned to be completed by the year 2014 besides restoration of FMP Schemes damage due to earthquake during September 2011 has also received sanctioned for eleven(11) numbers of works amounting to Rs. 407.00 lakhs. All these works are being taken up and will be completed during the financial year 2013-14.

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